Massive Rebellion Giveaway

GTribe, the world's fastest growing social network for PC gamers and technology enthusiasts, has partnered with AMD Gaming, Logitech G, XFX, Seasonic, GIGABYTE, Kinguin, Seagate and AVADirect to ignite the MASSIVE REBELLION giveaway!

FOUR (4) Grand Prize Winners will each receive an amazing gaming PC, meticulously handcrafted by AVADirect in the USA, and equipped by AMD, XFX, Seasonic, GIGABYTE, and Seagate. These four BEASTS are powered by the brand new XFX Radeon RX 480 Black Edition 8GB OC 1328 MHz GPU technology and augmented with cutting-edge Logitech G gear.

The FOUR Grand Prize winners will also receive the following PC video games: DOOM, Total War: Warhammer and Star Wars: Battlefront, all hand-selected and offered by Kinguin.

The value of each prize is $2,600.
High-resolution photo of the prizes

THREE First Prize Winners will each receive the brand new XFX Radeon RX 480 Black Edition 8GB OC 1328 MHz GPU with a protective backplate shield and expertly overclocked by XFX engineers to optimize gaming performance.

Black Edition graphics cards are XFX's most rigorously tested graphics card. They are pre-overclocked to the maximum core clock achievable and come from the highest quality yield GPUs which make up the top 1% of those produced in the world.

The combined value of the prizes is $810.

Total value of the prizes: $11,210.

This Giveaway is closed!